Starting salary circa (19/20K)

Consulting not sales opportunities

As a result of our continuing expansion, we are now looking for motivated individuals who possess a law degree/legal qualification and are keen to make a difference in the legal sector.

You will be personable and engaging, computer/social media literate, and want to work in a respectful, meritocratic professional environment.

Whether you are currently working as a legal professional or just considering your career options after university, why not consider a career as a Legal Recruitment Consultant with us.

What does being a Legal Recruitment Consultant actually mean?

We work with clients globally to assist them with their resourcing needs. We advise them on the legal employment market generally and help inform their selection processes.

From the candidates’ perspective, we provide quality ongoing placement support as well as advice on career planning and how best to convey their expertise and knowledge in an interview setting.

Isn’t this just a commission based sales job? Why do I need a law degree/legal qualification?

We believe in a sector specific skillset. We are a modern forward thinking agency who do not advertise and rely on the ‘in depth’ market knowledge of our consultant to drive our business forward.

We feel that can only come with a legal specific background, whether that be in the form of an LLB, GDL, LPC, HND or even a former Solicitor who fancies a new direction. With your legal background we then mould you to work ‘The Blue Pencil way’ – to provide global law firms with the standard of service they expect.

We believe in a macro growth, where each consultant quickly grows to be able to service an international law firm anywhere in the world. We feel that ‘consultant’ is the operative word and we endeavour to give our clients a professional full service rather than be seen by the old fashioned metrics that the legal recruitment market has become synonymous with.

What is “Fast Track training”? Are there opportunities for professional development at Blue Pencil?

For the first six months with Blue Pencil, you will be supporting experienced Legal Recruitment Consultants and learning through a combination of on the job experience, core training, coaching/ mentoring as well as self-directed learning.

Our training programmes are overseen by our COO who was a former HR Director of a leading law firm. They are designed to give you the support you need to be successful and are predicated on the fact that you will have had no prior experience working in this type of role before.

We value our staff and endeavour to show them a clear pathway to develop personally and professionally.

What are BLUE Pencil’s values?

There are a few things which we believe define us and we do “walk the walk”:

Integrity, Professionalism, Quality, Decency

Interested and want to hear more or are interested in our roles? Give Chris Lipscomb a call on 0203-667- 3012 or send email your CV to: