In a candidate driven market where there is a shortage of highly skilled applicants the recruitment process can be a very frustrating process for employers. The key word is “flexibility” and employers who use a flexible approach will find the best talent. Here are some tips to recruit effectively in a fast paced market.

  • Show flexibility in your recruitment process. There are plenty of candidates who are interested in potential opportunities but a rigid first interview may not be the right approach. If you have a good relationship with a recruiter and a candidate who is interested in the role (and you are potentially interested in them) why not meet them for an informal coffee to discuss the role? It’s amazing how successful this process can be.
  • Don’t wait! If you see a good CV act on it straight away. Don’t wait for other CV’s before short listing. The current market is fast moving and credible individuals have options, meaning it’s more than likely that they are interviewing elsewhere.
  • Remember it’s a two way street. In a competitive market you have to showcase your organisation. No party is more important than the other. Your ideal candidate will probably be interviewing elsewhere.
  • Get a clear understanding of your candidates current salary, expectations and notice period. You will know excatly what you have to offer during the interview process. It will avoid a potential “bad taste” scenario when a low offer is made to a candidate which might offend. Candidates talk and you don’t want to damage your brand.
  • Have a clear and transparent interview process to manage expectations. You must have a clear job spec and provide time frames for feeding back to candidates after every interview. Messy and rushed interviews will put candidates off. They will feel that they are just seen as a commodity by a potential employer and will not be interested.
  • Use a recruiter! Candidates will tell us things they will not tell you directly. This will ensure that negotiations don’t break down. Communication throughout the process can resolve issues at an early stage, stopping them coming to light at the very end of a process. It’s amazing how many direct applications break down because of a lack of a communication.
  • The interview process should be clear, concise and timely. No one likes an over engineered process, too many interviews and delays between interviews, feedback and potential offers. Time delays always make interviewees think the worst and get cold feet.
  • Employers need to make the right first offer straight way. Don’t low ball. It’s the biggest turn off for a candidate. Any goodwill will be shattered if this happens.
  • Get the offer letter out ASAP. Until the deal is signed the candidate may still be looking at other options. As we have said in point three it’s a two street. Your candidate will most likely have other interested parties. Delays will lead to questioning of your organisation.
  • Engage your new employee during their notice period. Make them feel part of your team straight away. When they join you they will hit the ground running!

At Blue Pencil we have placed hundreds of lawyers over the years. If all of these steps are followed and well managed you will never feel let down. The unexpected does all happen but alarm bells will be ringing before, if you follow our guidelines.

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