As an SME owner it can be a lonely and frustrating experience.

We don’t have a vast support network and have to be a ‘jack of all trades’. We cannot rely on a big management team to bounce ideas off and we have to push that bit harder to get noticed in the market place.

It’s easy to lose focus and concentrate on administrative tasks which will not boost your business. It is easy to be discouraged. So how do you stay focused and keep ‘hitting the money’? Here are my tips.

Stay healthy

Exercising regularly and eating healthily not only gives you a sense of well-being but adds discipline to your daily routine.

Exercise gives you time to think things over in your head as well as giving you a positive feeling in the body. It’s amazing how many problems you can solve whilst out running. It also gives you a natural break in the day.

Finally the gym smashes all boundaries. There are no hierarchies in the gym and it’s amazing how many good business connections you can make there too.

Plan & schedule your day


Plan your day the night before. You can then schedule the important things that need to be done.

Admin tasks can wait until you have time. In my business I know exactly who I will be calling, meeting, sending e-mails to etc., as soon as I hit my desk in the morning.

I plan my day by going through my e-mails every evening. This also avoids you constantly looking at your e-mails during the day – one of the biggest time wasters for business people.

Set targets and don’t worry about the outcome

My main business is headhunting. I have a set amount of interviews I need to hit every week. I know from experience that if I hit this, it will result in a deal.

I don’t worry about the end result, I just concentrate on hitting this target – if I do this, the result will take care of itself. In sport all athletes are told to just concentrate on performance and preparation – the result will then take care of itself. This also takes the pressure off yourself.


Meet people & network

Get out and meet people. It’s amazing what information you can find by having a coffee with someone.

As an SME owner, you need that support network to find business support and new customers. However don’t meet people just for the sake of it, do your research first to make sure it’s beneficial to both parties.

Networking groups such as ours, Club Fit for Business, provides an instant business community with potential new customers, recommended service suppliers and knowledge.

Cut the time wasters and the rot

Get rid of negative influences. We all know the type, people ‘talking the talking’ but not ‘walking the walk’.

Just deal with people who are positive, reliable and are prepared to help as well as take. Success breeds success, so don’t get bogged down with negative influences, simply move on and stop wasting your efforts with these people.

Reward & bond

Reward yourself and your staff for successful outcomes and have fun.

Some of the best ways to build team morale is to reward after a great result and celebrate together. It gives staff a new level of focus and they can see the human side of management.