Trying to land your ideal job role is often a frustrating experience full of pitfalls and potential wasted opportunities. With modern technology there is an abundance of choice. Less face to face interaction means that it’s difficult to know who to trust and where to turn. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you take control and land your ideal role. The first stage is securing a job interview for your ideal role. How do you do this?

Get Headhunted

Update your LinkedIn profile so employers will approach you. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and accurate. Make sure privacy settings are switched on, so no one can see that you have updated it. Recruiters and employers will target candidates on LinkedIn using key word searches, so make sure your recent experience is up to date containing key words that recruiters may search for. Keep you profile strictly professional; a bad LinkedIn profile will immediately create a bad impression. Finally it goes without saying that there should be no spelling mistakes, white lies or inconsistencies. If you do get approached always ask for a job spec and do not send your CV blindly.

Register with a Trusted Recruitment Agent

Register with a recruitment agency whom you trust. They will be able to keep you informed of any specific roles that match your experience. Remember the agent should not be sending your CV without your express permission. Always ask for a job spec before deciding on whether to send your CV or not. A "scattergun approach" with your CV will put employers off.

Receive Job Alerts

Many company websites have vacancy alerts that you can set up to receive, when new roles become open. Choose companies you’d really like to work for and tailor your alerts so that you are receiving only those that fit your profile.

Get your CV right

We have some excellent tips on preparing your cv on our website click here.

Follow up on Applications

If you make any applications, always follow up to see if they have been received and, of course, chase for feedback. A lot of automated recruitment systems don’t accept PDF documents for example so always have a Word version of your cv handy as well.

Use your personal business networks

Build upon your own personal networks. It’s amazing what other opportunities you can find by speaking to people. Focus on networking groups and events where your target audience will be attending. Do not be afraid to ask personal connections if they know anyone in the organisations you want to work for.

If you follow these simple steps it will ensure that your profile and CV get to the top of the pile and get noticed.

Liam Mooney founded Blue Pencil in 2002 and is the Managing Director. He has over 15 years’ experience in the legal recruitment industry. He is the winner of several prestigious business awards including the Arabian Business, Business Mentor of the Year in 2014 and was named as one of the top three business leaders in the Middle East, at the Middle East, Stars of Business Awards.