Faulty Job Portals & Candidate Application Systems. Systems are killing 75% of job seekers' chances to get an interview. How can you beat them?

Job Portals and Candidate Application Systems are a real bain for recruiters and candidates a like. I have often thought that many applications are missed and it was a quick way for employers and HR staff to sift through CV’s. How many of you have applied through a job portal and never received a response? The article I have highlighted below, isn’t a great surprise to me, but employers should take note as error prone candidate tracking systems are killing approximately 75% of job seeker’s chances, to even secure an interview!

How much talent are employers losing by using these automated systems just to save time? For candidates, the article below highlights how your CV can get noticed and most importantly, how it can be disregarded. For example, did you know that by sending your CV by PDF is a huge issue, as many systems don’t recognise the format?


Recruitment by automation, technology and social media, whilst currently fashionable, is extremely dangerous. Many good applications are discounted simply because they haven’t included certain key words in their CV and profile. I would certainly put LinkedIn and social media into this category. Many HR staff will use automated systems and skim through key word searches to save time.  

Automation, social media and technology means a higher volume of candidates, it’s easier to apply for jobs and the vacancies are easier to find. Candidate Application Systems have been designed to deal with this volume. However the technology is clearly error prone and isn’t always capable of identifying stronger candidates. Automated systems are inefficient in dealing with recruitment of highly professional staff. On top of missing out on key technical skills these systems cannot even begin to measure personality which is a key component of any building any team.

Old fashioned recruitment is far more effective in dealing with highly skilled professionals. High volume traffic creating technology means that it is becoming harder to identify talent. So for all employers out there, take note, how much talent are you losing and is the money worth it in investing in these systems? In our sector, legal recruitment, only a very small percentage of qualified lawyers would risk sending their CV’s directly through one of these systems. How can confidentially be guaranteed? For candidates I hope highlighting this article helps you for your next application. For employers have a think, your staff are your business and if you cannot recruit the best available talent you are missing out.