Business profits and efficiency are restricted by the clock. There are only so many hours in the day which places a ceiling on productivity. On top of this, time is required to travel to meetings, to do paperwork, and for numerous other “non-profitable” activities. The amount business owners earn is often restricted by the number of hours available, however, savvy entrepreneurs have adapted ways to break this time/money conundrum.

Savvy entrepreneurs have found ways of getting around this constraint, uncovering novel ways of boosting efficiency.

Here are some of our tips:-

Plan your day and Focus

Firstly plan your day the evening before so you know what exactly you have to do. Constantly ask yourself, is what you are doing going to benefit and be profitable to your business. If not stick it down as an admin task that you can do later in the week. Dedicated a certain proportion of your time each week to admin.


Don’t get swamped by your e-mails. At the end of each day go through your e-mails and use these as the basis of your plan the following day. The next day follow this plan, resist the temptation to constantly look at your e-mails (unless urgent). Anything less urgent can be dealt with the following day.

Face to Face Meetings

Ask yourself are they really necessary? Face to face meetings are of course very important. You can find so much more information from speaking to someone in person rather than over the phone, however these meetings need to be focused so you should make sure you have a clear goal. Try “walking meetings” as well, where you actually walk with someone whilst you are on your way to another business appointment. Embrace new technology such as Skype, Facetime where video telephone allows you, to at least see the person you’re talking with. Finally don’t be afraid to be honest with people. If you don’t feel it’s important to meet, tell them that it can be done over the phone. There is a constant craving for face to face meetings because we feel we should do!



Join a Business Club

It is a very cost and time effective way of marketing, staying in touch with clients and finding new ones! You have instant access to market research, business support, customers and potential new clients. At Fit For Business we encourage our members to interact online via special communities as well.

Embrace Social Media

Social Media really should be used in two ways:-

  • Time effective way of staying in touch with contacts you have met face to face and build stronger relationships.
  • Attracting potential new clients. Use social media to promote your company, help people gain interest and potential clients will go to your website and read more.

On the downside social media can be time consuming. However understand why you want to use social media, use something you are comfortable with and have a specific focus.


Travelling and time spent in meetings really eats into profitable work time. Spending hours driving to and from meetings to deal with issues which could have been settled over the phone is clearly a poor use of time. If you do have to travel, set up some cloud software and remote access where you can work remotely. Rather than drive, get a train or a taxi where you can still work whilst you are travelling. In addition if you have urgent calls to make, this is the best time to do it.

Don’t be afraid of service support

Time is money. Don’t be afraid to outsource some of your way that will help ease administrative burdens. Also find good service providers that can support you with things like IT, marketing, accounts etc. Being a member of a business club will mean that you can access instant recommendations.