Blue Pencil


In 2013, as part of Blue Pencil's Corporate Social Responsibility, Club Fit For Business was founded. Club Fit For Business is an award-winning global sports business network. We at Blue Pencil have always believed it is important to conduct our business in a responsible, ethical and professional manner and more importantly to be community-focused, encouraging business to participate through the power of sport.

Club Fit For Business connects business people that have a passion for sport as well as promoting the wider message of sport and its values. For example over the past year, we have been working closely with our charity partner Active Communities Network on a number of schemes to promote sport and sporting values to young people in the community.

We believe that sporting values can help in business and our business mentoring scheme embodies this idea, as we are helping a number of retiring athletes make their transition into the business world.

However, it’s not all about sport, as Club Fit For Business provides great practical advice to companies, particularly SMEs and Start Ups, through our events, talks and workshops. These include:-

  • Networking
  • The sharing of information and knowledge
  • Brand endorsement
  • Market awareness
  • Recruitment and business development

We are very proud to create meaningful, ethical and sustainable partnerships in the communities where we live and work.